3-Yr-Old Creates Lemonade Stand To Help Women’s Crisis Shelter.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Then, if you’re a miniature philanthropist like Ava Lewis, sell that lemonade to help those less fortunate.


Ava is only three years old but she’s already becoming a local celebrity in her hometown of Durham, North Carolina. With help from her mom Maggie, Ava has become a small business owner specializing in ice cold gallons of lemonade sold on the sidewalk outside her mom’s salon.


One hot July day Ava had the idea to set up a lemonade stand, but unlike most children who might be looking to earn money for a special toy or a new bicycle Ava had other plans for the money. Incredibly, this little girl decided that she wanted to raise enough money to buy a few supplies for the Good Samaritan Inn, a transition facility for women and children run by the Durham Rescue Mission. Each night the inn houses about 130 women and children, many of whom were forced to escape dangerous situations at home with only the clothes on their backs.

After a local news station covered Ava’s mission to help the nonprofit organization the citizens of Durham decided to pay her a visit to help her towards her goal.


People were soon showing up in droves, offering to buy gallons of lemonade instead of just cups!


“It’s been unbelievable,” said Ava’s mom. “Since God is in it, it’s no limit!”

With help from her caring community, Ava soon reached her goal and went to the store with her mother to purchase several boxes of baby wipes and a big box of diapers. She then had the joy of bringing these much-needed baby supplies to the Good Samaritan Inn, where director Gail Mills gratefully accepted the donation and heaped praise on the child’s tiny shoulders.


“It just means the world to us to see a young person…that is thinking of others,” said Gail. “And is selling her lemonade to have the funds to buy the diapers and the wipes — it just makes my day. Such a heartwarming experience to meet little Ava and to see how her mother is teaching her at such a young age to care for others and to share her blessing with people who are having a hard time.”


Ava isn’t finished yet. Due to public demand Maggie set up a Facebook page for Ava’s new business. She’s even getting recognized around their city and has earned a spanking new nickname. “The lemonade baby,” Maggie laughs. “You really can’t top it unless I come out with some peaches. Peach lemonade, raspberry lemonade, different kinds.”


At three years old this child is already making thinking of and caring for others part of her everyday life. We could all take a page from this little girl’s book and find new ways to use our talents to help others!

Watch the video below to see the sweet moment when Ava donated her first batch of supplies, and don’t forget to share.

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