Australia’s New Technology Uses the Ocean to Generate Zero-Emission Energy and Desalinate Water at the Same Time.

unit floating underwater

Australia’s new CETO 5 system is truly revolutionary.  It harnesses the power of ocean currents and movement to create electricity AND desalinate water.  Can you say “game-changer?”



According to Australian Renewable Energy Agency CEO Ivor Frischknecht, this is the “The first array of wave power generators to be connected to an electricity grid in Australia and worldwide.”   The system went into operation in early February 2015 and has been powering an Australian naval base.


The system consists of 3 large buoys (240 kW) and pumps.  As the ocean waves move, the buoys activate pumps that push pressurized water through turbines to generate electricity.  At the same time, that water goes to a desalination system.  Wow.  (For further information, see the second video, below).


Here’s our takeaway: This innovation is ingenious, and could do so much to change the world.  Why didn’t someone think of it sooner!?  But that’s the point: there are ALWAYS still things that haven’t been thought of that can drastically improve our world.  So get after it. YOU could be that next innovator.

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