New Mother Sees Adopted Child For First Time, Her Response Is Truly Beautiful

Audrey Shook standing in tears at airport

It was an emotional scene as dozens of special needs children from China arrived to meet their foster families for the first time. After years of waiting, the Shook family is about to meet a very special little girl named Lucy.

Audrey Shook and her husband found Lucy in an orphanage a world away. The 6-year-old was one of the many unwanted special needs children in the Chinese orphanage circuit until love brought her home. The journey for Lucy to come home actually started back when Audrey and her husband were in high school.

Audrey told the local news station,

“We started dating when we were in high school, and I knew back then that I wanted to adopt from China.

The young couple got pregnant early after marrying and had to put the idea of adoption on hold. Nine years later, however, they came across an adorable video of Lucy in the Chinese orphanage and they fell in love.

Usually, the Great Wall China Adoptions organization asks families to host a child for 4 weeks before considering adoption, but the Shook’s had waited long enough. They knew Lucy was meant to be a part of their family.

And so, as soon as Audrey spotted Lucy coming off the plane, she ran up and had the most beautiful instant connection with her new daughter.

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