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Volunteer Spots Sweet Dog With Strange Head-Tilt & Sprints Over To Rescue.

Volunteers at a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, spend most of their days focused on spay/neuter services, but every once in a while, they run across a dog with more pressing medical needs. Such was the case with Tommy.

The temporary clinic is operated by the At-Choo Foundation, and on the evening of November 25, Elaine Seamans, Rebeca Altamirano, and Hilda Torres were on their way back from getting tacos. As they made their way down the road, they spotted two strays walking in the middle of the road, one of them with an oddly tilted head.


The dog, later named Tommy, was skittish and initially ran away from them. But they eventually coaxed him into stopping so they could inspect him. Not only was his head tilting to the left, but the ear on that side was swollen and appeared to be badly infected. He needed immediate medical help, so they wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the vet.

Tommy, described as the “biggest, sweetest ball of mush,” appeared to sense he was in good hands and never showed any aggression as he was poked and prodded.

He was also well-fed, pretty clean and didn’t have any major skin issues. So we figured he must have belonged to somebody. Who knows? Maybe they didn’t want him anymore and let him go.

How this sweet, nine-year-old pooch ended up on the streets will probably always remain a mystery.


But as far as his medical condition, there wasn’t much guesswork: At some point, he’d been attacked by another dog and the wounds had gotten infected, resulting in nerve damage in the ear canal. Days later, he went through reconstructive surgery to correct the problem, as well as drain the pockets of pus scattered around his head, neck and facial areas.


We’re happy to report the surgery was a success and this sweet pup is on the road to recovery! He’ll be brought to the United States once he’s healthy enough to travel, but in the meantime, At-Choo is looking for someone to either foster or adopt this tough little survivor:


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