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They Asked Dads To Stand Face To Face With Their Children, What Happens Next Is Truly Beautiful.

When was the last time you told your dad how grateful you are for him? Or why you’re proud of the way he raised you? If you haven’t said these things lately, then now is the time.

Echo Storytelling’s latest campaign #TellThemNow was created to inspire people everywhere to do this very thing. To accomplish this vision, they asked ten fathers and their children to participate in a short video experiment.

While facing each other in an empty studio with cameras rolling, the children ask their dads, “Dad, what about me makes you proud?”. The fathers each shared different reasons they were proud of their kids with big smiles. Then, each of the children did the same for their fathers and that’s when things got really emotional.

One of the dads at the end summed up the whole experiment best when he told his son, “We don’t say this enough.” This is a beautiful picture of our need as humans to express gratitude and love to one another. We need to hear it and hear it often!

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