Man Creates Art From Hundreds Of Homeless Cardboard Signs, The Message He Receives Is Powerful.

Willie Baronet, a Dallas artist, has been buying and accumulating signs from the homeless since 1993.

“I started collecting the signs really as a way to deal with my own discomfort when I saw a person holding a sign on the street.”

Just this summer, however, he decided to travel the country in efforts to collect even more of those pieces of cardboard covered with desperate words for his “We Are All Homeless Project.” He went from Seattle, down to San Diego and ended in New York City, buying signs in each city.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.33.33 PM

Image via YouTube

Willie said that one of the best parts of his trip was that he got to have long conversations with the people he was buying signs from.

The experience has lightened, if not eliminated Willie’s apprehension and discomfort toward the homeless, and it seems the same applies to many others.

As the video’s description reads, “This project has shocked thousands of people who have gone to see it, with hundreds of signs in one place, each telling their own story. Willie’s mission is to help others understand that humanity is so important and everyone’s story is unique.”

Watch below and take a moment to consider how you treat the homeless.

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