Armless Man Carried His Blind Friend For Miles, What They’ve Accomplished Is Astounding.

Life can seem like one big gamble. Some people are born with disabilities while others find themselves handicapped because of an accident or injury. Everyone has their own way of dealing with difficult situations. The tough part is doing it in a positive way.

Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi are two incredible examples for those trying to overcome challenging situations. Haixia was stricken with blindness after a work accident and his best friend Wenqi lost both of his arms in a childhood injury.

As the two men struggled to find jobs with their condition, they stumbled upon an incredible way to feel fulfilled and help the people around them.

They approached the local government with a plan to plant trees along 8 acres of the riverbank near their hometown. The worked tirelessly.

The end result? They have planted over 10,000 trees in 10 years!!!

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But how they’ve done it is even more impressive.



Their relationship is entirely codependent. Wenqi will carry his sightless friend across the river to reach the planting area.  Over the years, this has equated to hundreds of miles. Meanwhile Haixia will climb the trees and cut the saplings needed for planting new trees.

Once news of their mission broke hit the mainstream, it seemed like everyone wanted to help them in their quest. Donations came pouring in and they are still planting today.


Because of the exposure and his story, an eye doctor offered Jia Haixia his services for free in hope that he will regain his sight.

They have made a drastic difference in their community and inspired people all over the world to persist and triumph!  They’ve made the impossible, possible.


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