Scottish Boy Rushes Downstairs Christmas Morning, Stops In His Tracks When He Sees “Santa’s Footprints.”

Two years ago, Mike and Sarah Ralton of Aberdeen, Scotland posted a video to their Facebook page that went viral for all the right reasons. The clip featured their 2-yr-old son, Archie, coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to the most magical surprise of his little life. The tyke, decked out in his red and green elf pajamas, was beside himself to find snowy boot prints  coming from the front door of their home and leading straight to the Christmas tree.

Archie excitedly followed the prints to find a huge pile of presents underneath the tree…and his reaction is the cutest.

He claps his hands in glee and points out all the presents for him and baby sister Millie, who is four-weeks-old – but he doesn’t make a move to open them until he’s checked to make sure the mince pie and carrot for Rudolf have been eaten.

Archie, who turns three that year said: “Because we don’t have a chimney Santa couldn’t get in, so I left a special key under the mat so he could get into the house.”

People fell in love with the little one’s fascination and joy at Santa’s coming and going without really paying attention to the pile presents most kids would have made a beeline for.

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