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Father And Daughter Put Hilarious Spin On Rock, Paper, Scissors.

You don’t need fancy toys to have a great time with your kids.

A recent video is the perfect example! In it, we see a dad from Vila Velha, Brazil, playing with his young daughter at their kitchen table. They’re having so much fun it’s almost hard to believe that all they’re using for their game is their hands — and a big bowl of flour.


Antonio João Silva Marques and his daughter are speaking Portuguese in the clip, but we can still understand what’s going on because of their laughter, the truest universal language!

As Antonio plays the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors game with his little one, everything seems to be pretty standard until she loses her first round. That’s when we figure out why the flour is there: This family has a very unique rule. Basically, whenever they lose a round, they have to dip their face in the bowl!


Antonio can’t stop laughing as his daughter emerges from the flour pile with her face caked in white powder. At first, she seems stunned as she blinks particles from her eyelashes, but then she too bursts out laughing when she sees herself on-screen.

The game continues, and it doesn’t take long for the pendulum of chance to swing the other way. Now it’s dad’s turn for a dip in the flour bath!


There’s something so wholesome about seeing a dad and his daughter have such a good time because of a simple game. What a great reminder that we don’t need fancy, expensive things to find joy!

Watch the adorable game in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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