Man Who Lost 250 Lbs Refuses To Let Lockdown Derail His Health Journey.

Even after losing 250 pounds, Anthony Lopez is still far from finished with his weight loss journey.


The 30-year-old says he packed on the pounds while caring for his grandfather, who had cancer. Anthony admits he was depressed and sedentary for years, but after his grandfather passed away he took a hard look at his lifestyle and realized it was time to make some serious changes.


Anthony stepped on the scale one day and it said “error,” meaning he was above the weight limit of 600 pounds. “That’s right there is when I realized I have to do something,” he said. He realized he’d been eating his feelings, so he immediately put the breaks on his high-fat and calorie diet and starting making healthy eating choices. He also hit the gym hard, managing to lose 100 pounds on his own before having gastric bypass surgery.

“I completely just changed my life around. I changed how I, you know, looked at food, I changed what I ate, I changed how I ate,” he said.


Things were going well and Anthony even started documenting his weight loss on TikTok, racking up over 745,000 followers in the process. He shares pictures of his progress, workout tips, eating advice, and moral support to anyone who’s looking for encouragement to get fit.

When the coronavirus pandemic began, Anthony admits it wasn’t even on his radar. The virus became real to him when his gym had to shut their doors and he was left wondering how he could keep himself from backsliding after all his hard work. “But then when things started to get serious and things started to get shut down and people started, we started getting into lockdown, and then finally the gyms closed and I was like, ‘Wow, like, what am I going to do?'”


Anthony worked out at home as hard as he could, but eventually he had to find a way to push himself a bit harder. That’s when he discovered mountain biking!

“I just fell in love with it. It’s a workout, but you don’t even realize it’s a workout because you are outside enjoying something new, he explained. “So because the pandemic happened, it actually got me to go out of my house or out of my gym, my comfort zone, and go see something new and now I’m addicted.”


Anthony refused to let the corona situation sideline him. He wasn’t afraid to try new things and that’s how he found his new favorite hobby. Not only that, but he’s determined to reach his goal weight of 210 pounds while motivating his friends, family, and followers every step of the way!

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