Dad Breaks Down When Kids Surprise Him With Special Gift Honoring His Parents.

No matter how old we get, the pain of losing beloved family members never fully leaves us. That’s why keeping their memory alive is so important!

A Twitter user named Anthony recently shared a video of himself and his sister Deanne presenting their dad with a very special gift. The video has gone viral with over 2 million views, and it’s guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings too.


The video shows Anthony and Deanne walking into their dad’s bedroom a few days after his birthday. Anthony explained that the gift they’d ordered for him hadn’t arrived on time for the party they’d held, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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Dad sits up and opens the gift, a 3D key chain featuring a picture of their dad’s parents, who have both passed away.


“It’s really the simple things for my Dad that he appreciates the most,” Anthony wrote on Twitter. “My sister and I got him a 3D keychain of his parents who he misses dearly so he can always have them with him.”


You can see a flurry of emotions cross their father’s face as he takes out the trinket and examines it. He seems momentarily speechless when he realizes how thoughtful his kids were! “I love it!” he says through his tears.

Anthony’s post struck a nerve with people everywhere. “You and your sister went straight for the heart. The best gifts stay with you for life,” wrote one commenter. “WHO is cutting onions?” wondered another.


This young man is absolutely right: it’s the thoughtful gifts that mean the most! These two really nailed their gift for their dad. What a beautiful way to keep the memory of his parents with him wherever he goes.

Watch the video of dad’s sweet reaction below, and don’t forget to share.

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