10-Yr-Old Stuns Walmart Shoppers With Powerful National Anthem.

The national anthem is one of those songs that sends chills down your spine any time you hear it. Still, when a singer really nails the song, it will do more than give you chills, it will stop you in your tracks and take your breath away.


That’s exactly what happened to Walmart customers when 10-year-old Annie Zimmerman grabbed the mic and sang the song. Everyone was completely shocked by her talent.


Annie was at the store for a community “Shop With A Cop” event in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The event, hosted by local police officers, allows kids who may otherwise not get Christmas presents the opportunity to go shopping for toys with $200 each, thanks to community donations.

At only 10-years-old, Annie was moved by the event/mission and wanted to be part of it in some way. So, she offered to sing the national anthem for everyone who was attending. Still, no one had any idea what they were in for.


As she took the mic, Officer Tommy Norman started filming her, not knowing what he was capturing. Within seconds of her singing, it became clear that Annie was much more than her school choir’s star singer, she was born with serious talent and a voice that sounds like it could belong to someone like Carrie Underwood.

After being completely blown away by Annie’s performance, Officer Norman shared the video on his Facebook page saying he had “absolute chills” as he listened to her sing. In the video, you can see the shock on everyone’s faces as Annie hits every difficult note without any strain.


To no one’s surprise, the video of Annie quickly went viral and helped her capture a lot of attention. Since then, she’s gained a strong number of followers on her social media page and has continued to wow audiences with her amazing voice.

Watch Annie’s breathtaking performance in the video below, and be sure to share her talent with your friends!

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