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ann milking cow

Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday By Milking A Cow & Her Reaction Is Pure Gold.

There are some activities that take you right back to your youth.

As a child, it was Ann Randazzo’s job to milk the family cow every morning. Now that Ann is a resident at the Scranton Health Care Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania, she often tells staff members about her fondness for all things bovine. She loved recalling her days milking and even said that milking a cow again was on her bucket list.


“She must talk about it daily, to the point where it really made an impression on everybody here,” Ann’s daughter said.

As her milestone 100th birthday approached, the nursing home decided to help Ann cross that item off her bucket list once and for all. They threw a cow-themed birthday bash for the newly minted centenarian, complete with Holstein-patterned balloons, cookies, and even a pair of cow socks for the birthday girl.

Yet the true highlight of the party was when they wheeled Ann outside to reveal her gift. There, in the parking lot, stood a milking cow named Greta with her owners at Hillside Farms.


Ann’s face broke into a huge smile as she realized that her dream of recreating her youth was coming true. She eagerly pulled her chair up to the cow and, with a little help, was able to squirt milk into the bucket. She was completely overjoyed by this simple act!


“She’ll never forget this day,” her daughter said happily. “I mean, this will be the highlight of her life, this day. And that’s wonderful to have that memory at 100!”

When asked why Ann had such a desire to milk a cow again she gave the sweetest reply. “Because I thought, ‘Hey, I want to let them know I’m still young at heart!'” she said cheerfully. There’s no doubt about that!


Ann is living proof that you’re never too old to stop setting goals and having fun! We’re so happy that her caregivers listened to her and set up something so fabulous for her. We’re not sure what we’ll want to do when we’re 100, but we hope we’re just as spunky and full of life as Ann.

Watch Ann’s special birthday milking session below, and be sure to share this smile with others.

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