“Animal Savior” Rescues Pets In A Truly Heart-Wrenching Fashion. Wow.

What’s in this video is almost too devastating to watch, but the message behind it is something we all need to be reminded of: to do good in the world.

Wilson Coutinho Martins of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, has helped hundreds of animals who are abandoned, sick or dying on the streets… some are lying in gutters and others are buried in mounds of trash. While others might pass by without a second glance – because of the disturbing sight – Wilson is so dedicated to helping that he will take the shirt off his back to save an animal in need.

As the video description says: “This man deserves a metal.” Well, we couldn’t agree more. His amazing efforts show that even one act of kindness can change a life… image what would happen if you were dedicated to helping others every day.

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