89-Yr-Old Gets Evicted Without Warning, Then Neighbor Slips Paper Into Her Hand.

Angie Tyma could hardly remember a day without her Hudson, Florida home. Tyma has been in the same house for more than 35 years and at 89, wasn’t exactly planning on a cross-country move. All that changed when a sticky situation went from bad to worse… and Tyma’s home was foreclosed by the bank.


After her husband died, Tyma allowed a close family friend to buy her home so that she could ease the transition into the new season of life. Tyma made monthly payments to this friend to cover the mortgage, but without her knowledge, the man stopped making payments on the house. Tyma arrived one day to find an eviction notice on her door and her belongings in the yard.


Tyma ended up in a Days Inn motel across town until she could figure out where to live… but little did she know her neighbors were up to something amazing. They all think the world of her, and refused to let their friend be left out in the cold.


“Everybody knows Angie. She has two little dogs that she walks. She’s an elderly woman, but she’s pretty feisty, and she has lots of energy…” Danielle Calder, Tyma’s neighbor said.

It was Calder, who in an epic gesture of kindness, decided to buy back Tyma’s house from the bank for the express purpose of giving it back to her friend, free of charge.


Neighbors gathered to restore her little blue house to its former glory… and Tyma’s reaction to the news absolutely says it all.

Check out the rest of the story in the video below!

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