5-Yr-Old Makes Sandwiches For Homeless & Gets Sweetest Surprise From Stranger.

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You’re never too young to start thinking of ways you can help others in your community.


While most 5-year-olds are concerned with playtime, kindergarten, and other benign subject matter, one little girl from Wales spends her free time making sandwiches for the homeless people in her town. Angel Lilly Thomas heard a local woman was collecting clothing, bedding, and food for the homeless in their area, and she immediately asked her mom if she could do her small part to help.


Angel and her mother Clare Wilson, who live in Tredegar, United Kingdom, set about making dozens of sandwiches to hand out to the hungry people who line their city’s streets.

“Angel really wanted to make a difference, so I helped her and together we made 34 packs, with sandwiches, biscuits, and chocolate, which we gave to this lady to pass along to the homeless,”said Clare.


Not long after Angel and Clare delivered their sandwiches, Clare came home to discover an unexpected handwritten note intended for her daughter. The letter had been written by Chris Edwards, a homeless man in Tredegar who had received one of Angel’s sandwiches and felt compelled to thank her.


“I just wanted to write to say a very big thank you for the sandwiches you have been making for people like me,” Chris wrote. “As a homeless person, it’s sometimes hard to get something to eat, and it is thanks to your kindness that we have had food recently. You have taken your own time to do something truly amazing for us at such a young age. We are so thankful to you for this.”


“You really are an amazing little girl with a very big heart,” Chris continued. “Your parents should be very proud of you. Keep up the good work. And again thank you very very very much.â€

Inside the envelope, Chris had also included five 1-pound coins. Angel really didn’t want to accept the money, but after some convincing, she decided to set the 5 pounds aside for her next trip to Poundland, a British “dollar store.”

“I thought it was so sweet, someone that young being so thoughtful,”Clare said. “It brought a tear to my eye, as I just wasn’t expecting it. Children that age don’t usually think about things like this, but she really didn’t expect the money.”


“Bless him,” Clare wrote on Facebook. “Can’t believe he did what he did and we never expected a thank you either but when she gets one it has made her want to do more this week. I hope I bring her up to change the world in some small way.”

Clare is definitely doing something right in the parenting department! Angel, keep up the great work. We have no doubt you’ll indeed grow up to change the world with your generous nature and kind heart!

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