Dad Doesn’t Realize He’s Ordered A 19-Ft Tall Dinosaur Until It Gets Delivered By Crane.

Some parents will do just about anything to make their kids happy.

After Andre Bisson’s 4-year-old son Theo watched the Disney movie “Dinosaur” the child became extremely interested in dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. The little boy was constantly asking his dad for “the biggest Carnosaur you’ve ever seen.”


Since Carnotaurus roamed the earth over 70 million years ago, Andre knew he’d have to get creative to fulfill Theo’s wish! The Guernsey, United Kingdom, family had just begun the hunt for a Carnotaurus when Andre’s wife noticed that an amusement park in Jersey was selling off their old dino statues.

“I checked the website straight away, and to my absolute amazement they had a Carnotaur. Listed for £1,000 ($1,289), I just had to get this for Theo,” Andre said.

With only a tiny thumbnail to go by, Andre had no idea how large the dinosaur was but admits, “I didn’t care really.” Andre bought the dinosaur, which his wife decided to name Chaz. A few days after making his big purchase, Andre got a notification from the shipping company. Chaz was too large to fit on a regular truck!

chaz dinosaur

Andre arranged to have Chaz brought in on a flatbed tractor-trailer, but the true challenge was in transporting the beast from the truck into his new home in Andre’s garden. That’s when they decided to call in “the big guns!”

Imagine what the neighbors thought of this sight!


Using a crane, the delivery team had Chaz in place within about 30-40 minutes. Everything went fairly smoothly, except for a few scary moments involving a gust of wind sending Chaz swaying uncertainly.

“The thought did cross my mind that if Chaz were to drop or fall through a roof, I was imagining the phone call to my insurance broker… ‘Ok sir, exactly how did a 20ft long hole appear in your roof?’… ‘Well, a fully grown Carnotaurus fell from the sky,'” Andre joked.



Once Chaz was home, the effort was all worthwhile. Andre says the 19-foot tall dinosaur is “nestled nicely into palm trees and enjoying west coast salt air living.” Not a bad retirement for a former amusement park denizen!

The important thing is that Theo absolutely loves his present! Andre says he doesn’t ever want to leave the yard now that Chaz has arrived.

“Theo didn’t want to go to school as he didn’t want to leave him, he thought he’d be home alone ⁠— he wanted to take him on the yellow crane,” Andre said. “He said he was hungry, so we cooked fish fingers and fed him. Theo and Chaz are best buds ⁠— he’s got a pet dinosaur.”


What a lucky kid! We sure hope they plan to dress Chaz up for holidays or else what’s even the point? Andre sure went the extra mile to make his son’s wish come true!

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