Unbelievable Sign Language Interpreter Upstages “Fastest Rapper In World” At Concert.

People often assume the deaf community can’t enjoy the beauty of music.

While it’s true they can’t actually listen to songs, that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the artistic expression. People who are deaf just experience music in a different way than people who hear, largely thanks to talented interpreters like Amber Galloway Gallego.


Amber is a sign language interpreter who specializes in concerts and music festivals. She’s always loved music and is very passionate about bringing the experience to everyone, especially those who can’t hear. While not completely deaf herself, Amber is hard of hearing as a result of spinal meningitis.

“That shifted my perspective as well as my fight for access and my own label changes,” she said in a 2018 Ted Talk. So she made interpreting music her career — and turned it into an art form.


Before every event she’s hired for, Amber researches the meaning of the songs and the intention of the artist. She also memorizes the lyrics so that in addition to translating, she can put on her own visual performance, complete with dancing and appropriate facial expressions.

Her unique entertainment style has propelled her into the spotlight and onto the stage alongside performers like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Twista, who is known as the world’s fastest rapper. And she has no problem keeping up.

amber interprets rap

In a Twitter video of Twista’s recent concert, Amber can be seen signing and dancing to the crowd, nailing every part of Twista’s lightning-fast verses with ease.

“Twista’s sign language interpreter hitting every single word he fires off on stage is 10/10 content,” wrote Andrew Barber, who tweeted the video. “She needs a Guinness world record.”

amber interprets rap

At one point, Amber even steals the spotlight from Twista as the crowd cheers her on, completely dazzled. But Twista doesn’t mind a bit. In fact, he later tweeted, “She’s the real MVP for keeping up with me.”

amber interprets rap

Amber’s crazy skills didn’t go unnoticed by Guinness World Records, who said they’d love to hear from her. No word yet on whether she’ll take them up on it.

guinness world records tweet

The best part about Amber is you can tell her talent is fueled by pure passion, not a desire to become famous. She truly loves what she does, and it shows! Keep spreading the music, Amber.

Watch as the crowd goes wild for Amber in the clip below, and share to inspire others!

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