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“Angel” Stranger Steps In When Mom’s Car Breaks Down After Daughter’s Brain Surgery.

Have you ever had one thing after another go wrong? It feels like the world is coming down on you and you would do anything to catch a break.

That’s how Amanda Fessler was feeling on November 19 when her young daughter, Mikayla, was finally ready to be discharged after an intense frontal lobe brain surgery at a Deleware hospital.


Of course Amanda was happy her daughter could go home after several days of inpatient care, but unfortunately, before Amanda could go pick up her daughter, she had to attend her aunt’s funeral.

After a very long day, Amanda was ready to take her baby home but was a little weary about the two-hour drive from the hospital back to the house because her car had recently been having trouble. She was right to worry— because not too long into the drive, her car started smoking and she had to pull over to the side of the road.


Amanda and Mikayla were forced to stay in a hotel overnight (not the best place for post-surgical recovery) while they worked to get a new serpentine belt for the car. On the 20th, Amanda was able to get the part needed for the car but was struggling to remove the old belt. As she worked on the car in the hotel’s parking lot, the chief engineer, Donta Thompson, came out to save the day.

Donta called the hotel to ensure a late check-out for the family and then “rolled up his sleeves” to help them out. He ended up removing the damaged part and installing the new one for them and even instructed them to get more antifreeze to avoid overheating on the way home.


Donta’s small act of kindness made a huge difference for Amanda and her family. They were able to get safely home and Mikayla was able to begin her long road to recovery in the comfort of her own bed. Donta had no idea his gesture would make such a huge impact on Amanda’s hurting heart.

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