He Was Worth Millions Of Dollars, But By The End Of This Video None Of That Mattered

Man contemplating life success in All About A Number video

Everyone needs to watch this 3-minute short film because it addresses one of the most important question we face in life. That question is, “What are you living for?”.


For many of us, like the protagonist in the film, life is “all about a number,” or some day in the future when everything will fall into place, leaving us feeling secure and comfortable. We are discontent with our current financial situation, our physical image, our relationships, and so we fantasize about a “better” day. We work frantically to make that day come as quickly as possible.


The problem with being so focused on the future, as this video suggests, is that we miss the joys of life in the present. If we spend our days chasing an ideal life in the future, we can’t get back the moments we passed up with family, and, like the man in the film, we might never reach that day we are working so hard to achieve.


Here’s our takeaway: Ask yourself, “What am I living for?” and determine whether that thing is adding value to your life now, or taking it from you. Then, take the necessary steps to readjust your priorities so you experience a life of meaning right now.


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