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When New Kid’s Crutches Break, Classmates Raise $9K For Epic Surprise.

Being the new kid in any high school is hard and extremely intimidating. Still, imagine not only being the new kid, but also speaking a different language, and struggling to manage a physical disability.

Alia was in this very situation when her family relocated from Haiti to Florida. She started at a new school where she knew no one and had to use a translator to speak to fellow students. Not only that, Alia was relying on crutches to get her around – until they suddenly broke.


Alia was born with injuries to her right leg, which required it to be amputated. She relied on her crutches to get her around, and didn’t have access to a wheelchair. Unfortunately, not long after she started at her new school in Florida, her crutches broke.

Fellow students took notice of Alia’s situation and decided to come together to help her out. Students, teachers, and staff all joined together to raise more than $9,000 towards the cost of a prosthetic leg for the new student. The remaining $30,000 cost was covered by a local prosthetic clinic.


Alia came to a new school (and country!) not knowing anyone and, according to her teachers, would shyly sit in the back of the classroom and keep to herself. She had no idea that these people she barely knew were working together to change her life for the better.


It took a lot of physical therapy and work, but Alia slowly became able to walk on the prosthetic with only the support of one crutch. Eventually, she returned back to school where they held a celebration ceremony in her honor.

Through her translator, Alia thanked her fellow students, who were overcome with emotion and pride for her. Her teachers noted that since she’s received the new prosthetic, she’s been much more outgoing in class and even looks forward to learning to play soccer.


Check out Alia’s story in the video below, and spread the love by sharing this video with your friends.

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