Artist Uses Light To Recreate The Moon Landing In Remarkable AGT Performance.

One of the best parts about "America's Got Talent" is that it showcases a variety of talents, whereas most shows focus on only one category. Still, these talents require a stage presence in order to make it through the competition, so an artist winning seems unlikely. But Alex Dowis didn't let the idea of a "typical" contestant stop him from auditioning for the talent competition. His fascinating "art show" captivated the judges during the first round and got him to round two, where he really showed them what he's made of. Alex uses a unique medium for his art - light! He takes a large screen and uses light to create a story for his audience with the use of a soundtrack behind him. In round two of the competition, he decided to honor the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. As he started drawing the clear silhouette of a person, suddenly JFK's voice came over the speakers. It was a snippet of his iconic speech about bringing American astronauts to the moon. By the time the audience had a chance to recognize the voice, the silhouette matched the president perfectly. As the performance continued, Alex had clips from NASA's actual radio conversations with the astronauts, including the first reactions of Neil Armstrong as he stepped foot on the moon. His unique talent left the audience and judges in awe. Alex was able to tell a story that evoked so much emotion through his technique - in only a few minutes! Once he finished his piece, he was met with a standing ovation from the audience and judges. Even better than the standing ovation he received was his vindication from Simon. During Alex's audition, he got a "no" vote from the judge (but yeses from Howie, Gabrielle, and Julianne), so he had a mission with this performance. In the end, Simon was definitely blown away by the story and told Alex his talent was the "best [he'd] seen all night". We can't wait to see the story he tells us next! Check out Alex's Moon Landing performance in the video below and be sure to share it with your friends!
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