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dude the malamute

Alaskan Malamute Is So Excited To Meet His Little Sister, He Howls In Pure Joy.

If there’s any dog breed that can greet the newest member of the family with the kind of pomp and circumstance she deserves, it’s an Alaskan malamute.

They may howl because they’re hungry or to get attention or just because the sky is blue, but Dude’s been anticipating this moment for months and he’s vocalizing out of pure joy! He knew something was up when his mom’s stomach started to grow and picked up on all the excitement when she was whisked off to the hospital. But now she’s back and —

Wait, what’s this? A new member of the pack? Just one? Where’s the rest of the litter?

dude greeting baby

“Hi, Dude! Guess who’s here?” Mom says as Dad carries baby Savannah through the door.

Now, Dude may be big and fluffy, and his mighty tail’s probably cleared any number of surfaces when he’s gotten too excited. But he knows a newborn when he smells one, and he knows he has to be gentle or his babysitting duties will be taken away before he’s even gotten a chance to show Mom and Dad how good he is.

So he backpedals out of the doorway to give Dad some space, then lets loose a deep-throated howl as if to say, “Welcome home!”

dude howls hello

“Can you say hi?” Dad asks.


dude howling

This big lug’s head is as larger than Savannah’s entire body, but it appears they’ve reached a mutual understanding — he’s her big brother and anyone who wants to get to her will have to go through him first — and she’s not fazed in the least.

In fact, she can’t seem to take her eyes off of him as he plops down on the floor, his tail swishing happily, and gets a good chest scratch for behaving like such a gentleman.

Naturally, everyone who’s watched Dude greet his new little sis have fallen in love. Many have complimented the big guy, saying Dude obviously recognizes Savannah as the youngest member of the pack and will take his duties seriously.

malamute baby meeting comment malamute baby meeting comment

Bringing home a newborn is always cause for celebration, and we’re so impressed with Dude’s self-restraint! Watch the video below to see these siblings meet for the first time, and share to spread the love!

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