Air Force Dad Sets Up Epic Superhero Surprise For Daughters After 6-Month Deployment.

Dads with daughters have the tough job of teaching their girls how they should be treated. Of course, as much as they enjoy being their daughters’ first sweetheart, they usually hope to share other interests as well.

Air Force Staff Sergeant Nelson and his three beautiful girls developed their special bond through a shared love of Marvel movies, and he decided to use that to give them a beautiful homecoming surprise.


Nelson has taken his girls to see every Marvel movie to date, so it seemed only natural to use a superhero to make their reunion after his longest-ever deployment of six months extra meaningful.

He contacted a costume maker on social media and asked if he’d be willing to create a Spiderman outfit for him. The costume maker said yes, and after a few months, the custom suit was ready for the Air Force dad’s triumphant return.


In a video shared online, Nelson’s wife is recording her children playing in a park when they see “Spiderman” walking up to them. Thrilled, the three girls run to the superhero and start giving him high fives.


Mom asks the girls if they want to take a picture with the superhero, and the girls excitedly say yes. They pose in front of a fountain with Spiderman perched behind them.

While their mom pretends to take a picture, Spiderman stealthily removes his mask to reveal his secret identity.


The sweet girls turn around to thank Spiderman for taking the picture with them and suddenly realize this man is way better than a Marvel superhero — it’s their dad!

They all take in the surprise and start squealing, “Daddy! Daddy!” as they hug Nelson and give him the warm welcome he worked so hard to get.


It’s safe to say Nelson is doing a great job connecting with his daughters. And something tells us the girls were way more excited about a surprise appearance from him than they would have been from any Marvel superhero. Though for those girls, their dad is a superhero.

Check out the heartwarming homecoming in the video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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