2 Pilots Walk Into London Pub, Give Ex-Pats Envelopes That Have Everyone In Tears.

It can be tough for an ex-pat to be far from home on any day of the year. But during the Holidays, it can be especially hard to cope.

Canadian ex-pats living in London deal with feelings of holiday homesickness as best as they can. One favorite activity is a trip to a pub called The Maple Leaf. While there, they can “get a taste of home” and feel a little less far from their beloved Canada.

the maple leaf pub

But December 2014 would be different from previous years.

The pub was decorated for the holidays and the place was packed. Pub-goers had no idea there was an amazing surprise in store — all thanks to Air Canada.


A pair of airline pilots approached the bar.

pilots come to pub

Once inside, they quizzed the Canadian revelers on what they missed most about their homeland.

Suddenly, one of the pilots rang the pub’s bell to get everyone’s attention.

pilot rings bell

“We have an announcement,” said the other pilot. “Because we are in the holiday season, I’d like to take this occasion to offer everybody here present this evening a round.”

The pub goers cheered, thinking that “a round” meant free beers. The pilots soon clarified. “When we say ‘a round,’ we mean round-trip tickets for everyone to go back to Canada for the holiday season!”

The place erupted in cheers.

maple pub cheers

The gift clearly meant a lot to those in the pub. One woman shared that her sister-in-law was pregnant, excited that she and her husband would be able to fly back home to see her.

As the free tickets were passed out, some squealed with surprise and delight. Others embraced, moved to tears.

happy to go home

Meanwhile, others burst into the national anthem, “O Canada.” It would be a very merry Christmas for many people, all thanks to a heartfelt act of kindness by Air Canada.

To see the Canadian Christmas surprise, click the video below. If you like seeing people experience holiday miracles, please share this story!

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