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Hilarious Pitbull Loves To Entertain Kids, Her Crazy Tricks Have Them Laughing Uncontrollably.

There’s always that one friend who keeps us laughing no matter the circumstances in life. Somehow, they’re always the friend that knows just the thing to say or to do to make us burst our sides with laughter. For two young children, that friend is their puppy Jenna.

Jenna, the puppy, knows how to keep her crowd entertained and a hilarious video of her goofing off for her two buddies proves it. The dog spins around in circles, dragging her rear end behind her as a boy and girl laugh uncontrollably at her shenanigans. She even pauses to make sure she still has her crowd watching before she does her next ‘show’.

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Jenna the puppy loves to twist and turn, round and round showing off tricks in the video to make the two kids giggle. The cute video shot by the Combs family was shared by America’s Funniest Home Videos and has a whopping 46 million views.

She brought so much joy into the world but unfortunately, Jenna passed away shortly after the New Year because of lymphoma.

“She has been a member of our family for too short of a time,” said Daniella Combs on Facebook. “Not quite 3 years old and being taken from this world far too early. She will forever be in our hearts.”

Thank you to Jenna the puppy for bringing so much laughter and joy into our lives!

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Funny Dog Loves To Make Kids Laugh

That friend who really makes you laugh!

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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