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Dallas Carter

After Eating SPAM His Entire Life, This Man Weighed Hundreds. I Can’t Believe Where He Is Now.

Dallas Carter has story of an encouragement that has me so inspired. This Oahu-native’s main message is that we should never think things are just the way they are, that there’s no changing them. He proves the exact opposite. He proves that all you need is motivation, will, dedication and the key factor of doing it for you.

Now, there are additions to that statement. For Dallas, it was his child, his wife, his health. What that means is you have to decide to do it within; if you don’t have the drive to truly improve yourself, then that drive is likely to dissipate.

Dallas’ story is an inspiration for us to make the changes in our lives that we know need to happen. It’s never too late and it’s never impossible!

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