Photographer And Hairstylist Team Up For Stunning “African-American Princess Series.”

When hairstylist and makeup artist, LaChanda Gatson approached Kahran Bethencourt, owner of CreativeSoul Photography, about creating a photo series with African-American girls dressed up as (totally glam) popular princesses, she was immediately on board. Their goal with was series was “to inspire more girls around the world to start seeing themselves as regal princesses.”


LaChanda says, “The idea [for the series] was developed early on in childhood from the consistent lack of representation of black children in mostly all forms of media where children play a significant part. Even though I loved watching and reading fairytales and fantasy, I would often reimagine these characters more relatable to me and my culture. Since completing the project, it has blown up on social media. Everyone loves seeing LaChanda’s take on these classic princesses.

We love them, too. So, we went ahead and found 10 pictures for you to enjoy. While none of the pictures are technically depicting Disney princesses (you know, for trademark reasons), we added our own interpretation of who they could be representing.

1. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

2. Cinderella (Cinderella)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

3. Rapunzel (Tangled)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

4. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

5. Elsa (Frozen)

LaChanda Gaston & CreativeSoul Photography

6. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

7. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

8. Moana (Moana)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

9. Anna (Frozen)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

10. Snow White (Snow White)

LaChanda GastonCreativeSoul Photography

LaChanda says, ” I hope this series is just the beginning of endless opportunities of inclusion and more black creativity in fantasy. Let’s continue to have a conversation and understand that our children matter too.”

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You can see more of LaChanda’s work on her Facebook and Instagram pages, and you can contact her at

You can see more photos from CreativeSoul Photography on their Facebook and Instagram pages and their Website

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