Couple Waiting To Adopt For 2 Yrs Gets Miraculous News From “Today” Host.

Some messages are so pure and sweet, everyone benefits — even the messenger.

Stacy and Frank Parrado of New Jersey got married in their twenties, but decided to hold off on having children right away. Instead, the two traveled and gained invaluable life experiences. Ten years after their first wedding anniversary, the couple decided it was time to expand their family at long last. That’s when they ran into a major roadblock.


A visit to a fertility specialist confirmed their worst fears. When Frank was six years old, he’d had cancer. As it turns out, the chemotherapy treatment that he underwent all those years ago had left him infertile.


She and Frank started filling out paperwork right away, knowing full well that they were still several years away from holding their first baby in their arms.

“Today Show” host Hoda Kotb knows firsthand how difficult it can be to wait for your son or daughter to arrive. Hoda adopted her own daughter, Haley Joy, so she understands the emotional turmoil the adoption process can have on a family.


After hearing about Frank and Stacy through their mutual adoption company, Hoda invited the couple on the Today show to discuss the adoption process.“Waiting’s hard,” Hoda said sympathetically. What Frank and Stacy didn’t know, however, was that Hoda had the world’s best surprise in store for them.

“There’s good days and there’s bad days,” Frank admitted. “There are days when you wonder how much further you can go.”

 Stacy agreed, saying they’ve left the adoption up to fate, knowing the right child would be ready for them when the time was right.  “We know that it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen when it’s meant for us,” she said.

With tears in her eyes, Hoda broke the amazing news. “Well, I think the day is today,” she said.

As realization dawned, Stacy and Frank struggled to keep their emotions in check. Hoda herself choked up,“I am so happy for you!”

Stacy and Frank are utterly stunned by the news, and this might be one of the most emotional reactions ever captured on tape.


A week later, Stacy and Frank got to finally meet their beautiful daughter, Addison Emily, the child they’d already loved for so many years.


What a moving moment! It was hard to tell who was more excited for the couple — them, or Hoda.

Look at this happy family!


Congratulations, Stacy and Frank! Wishing you and your daughter a lifetime of happy memories.

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Emotional moment couple is matched with a baby girl

This couple has been waiting to adopt a child for almost two years. Watch Hoda Kotb tell them they were matched with a baby girl.

Posted by TODAY Parents on Friday, March 9, 2018