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Fan Has Panic Attack While Meeting Adam Levine & His Response Has Hearts Melting.

Adam Levine may be a superstar, but he didn’t get there without his fans. And he’ll do whatever it takes for his #1 fan to get a photo!

Avery Stanert is a special education teacher in Maryland, and back in 2015, she had a student who was completely obsessed with Adam and Maroon 5.


So for a class assignment that year, 10-year-old Christopher Warner, who has Down syndrome, created a poster about the band, and Avery decided to incorporate it into a larger video project.

Once the video went viral, she contacted the radio hosts at Hot 99.5’s Kane Show, right around the time Maroon 5 was scheduled to perform in nearby Washington, D.C. They pulled some strings and got tickets and backstage passes for young Christopher, as well as his mom, Celcia, and Avery and three other teachers. Talk about a dream come true!

Wikipedia Commons

Imagine, as a 10-year-old, finally getting the chance to come face-to-face with someone you’ve been obsessing about and dreaming of meeting. We like to think we’d be calm and collected and play it cool, but c’mon. You’d either be completely tongue tied, gush uncontrollably until someone alerted security, or just spout off some gibberish.

Indeed, Christopher panicked. Suddenly overcome with shyness, he hid behind Celia, then sunk down on the floor and curled up into a kind of fetal position. So what did Adam do? This was his #1 fan, remember, and how were they supposed to get a picture together with him up there and Christopher down there?

So he just lay down on the floor next to him, and suggested everyone else get down there with them!



Small gestures can tell you a lot about people, and the fact that Adam did this for Christopher speaks volumes about the size of his heart. Share to warm some more hearts today!

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