Teen With Tourette’s Stuns “Voice” Judges With Moving Coldplay Cover.

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The power of music is incredible in so many ways. It helps us express ourselves and our emotions – and gives us the escape we sometimes need.


For Adam Ladell, singing is more than a passion. The 20-year-old from Melbourne, Victoria, has Tourette syndrome, a nervous system disorder that causes a person to make uncontrollable movements and sounds. Adam says living with it every day is physically exhausting, and often embarrassing. He’s used to stares from strangers who don’t understand. When Adam sings, though, all of it fades away – literally.

adam ladell

“I get transported to another world when I sing. I forget everything around me and get lost in the music,” he said, pointing out that “you can still sing and do other stuff, even if you are living with this disorder.”

Through his YouTube channel, Adam explains and demonstrates what it’s like to live with Tourette syndrome. Not only does he hope to show others with the disorder that they aren’t alone, but that anything is possible for them, disability or not.

That’s what Adam set out to prove when he auditioned for “The Voice Australia” in 2016. And he certainly did. Walking out onto the stage, the then 16-year-old’s nervousness showed. His vocal tics kept slipping out. But all signs of his Tourette’s disappeared as soon as he began performing Coldplay’s “Trouble.”

adam ladell the voice australia

None of the judges were aware of Adam’s condition. In fact, the show’s blind audition format is what made him so excited to try out in the first place. They could only judge him on his talent. And all they knew was that he had an angelic voice – one they all wanted on their teams.

delta goodram the voice australia

One by one, each of the judges turned their chairs for Adam. They were already impressed by the end of the song — then completely blown away when Adam told them about his condition.

“When I sing, it all goes away completely, so it’s the one time I actually get a release,” he explained.

Delta Goodram called it “the magic of music.” Ronan Keating added, “How brave,” gushing, “Man, you got guts getting up there and doing this.”

the voice australia judges

Adam picked Keating as his coach and went far in the competition, ultimately coming in second place! These days, he’s still singing and performing in Australia. And he’s never stopped inspiring his fans with what he can do.

You can keep up with Adam on Facebook and Instagram. But in the meantime, listen to his stunning audition in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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