Boy About To Win Track Meet Turns Back To Help Opponent When He Falls Down.

darius and aaren

Darius Kruah and Aaren Crane had never met before they competed against each other in a track meet between Mossy Creek Elementary and Merriwether, where each of them attends school, respectively.

But by the end of the race, the South Carolina fifth-graders were bonded for life. With one simple yet powerful gesture, Darius proved himself as the best friend Aaren could ever ask for.

darius aaren friends

The two ran the 100-meter race in May, with Darius in the lead and Aaren close behind. Then, Aaren fell hard, fracturing his wrist. Darius was about to cross the finish line when he noticed his fallen opponent and stopped. Teachers stared, confused, as Darius turned around. Completely forgetting about the race, he walked back to help Aaren.

“I already thought he won the race and was coming back to sit in the bleachers. But then I saw teachers like looking at him like ‘Why’d you stop?'” Aaren said. But to Darius, checking on Aaren was way more important than winning. Theresa Spieker, a teacher at Mossy Creek, snapped a photo of the touching moment and shared it on Facebook, where word quickly spread about the compassionate little boy.

darius aaren track meet

People who saw the photo, including Aaren’s grandmother, showered Darius with praise, but the sweet kid insists he was just doing the right thing.

“He got hurt and he wasn’t going to be able to win the race and that wouldn’t be fair, so I just thought that I would just lose the race with him just to help him and see if he was okay,” Darius said.

darius facebook comments

Aaren sees things differently, though.

“You could’ve run the race, but instead of doing that, you had sportsmanship and came over and helped me,” Aaren told his new friend. And that kind act inspired Aaren to look out for others himself. While heading to the hospital, he noticed a family standing on the side of the road. Their car was on fire nearby. He told his parents to pull over and help them, and wouldn’t stop asking until they agreed.

aaren fractured wrist

These cuties aren’t even teenagers yet and already, they’re setting an amazing example of kindness and compassion — both of which are worth so much more than a first-place medal.

Learn more about how the two became instant buddies below, and be sure to share with your own friends!

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