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A Slovakian Company Is Putting An Ingenious Twist On Advertising, Turning Standard Billboards Into Homes For The Homeless

The Design Develop architecture firm in Slovakia has come up with The Gregory Project, a genius way to make better use of billboards we see everyday on the side of the road. Instead of continuing to use the traditional 2-dimensional billboards, these architectural experts worked to create a triangular design, with a house enclosed between the billboards. These homes are open 24/7 to those who need them.

gregory project redemption house
Image via Design Develop

The minds behind the idea recognize that homelessness is a huge problem and the sad reality that this issue isn’t receiving attention it needs by any means. They understand that will take a combination of various fields – psychological, business, and government organizations – to come up with solutions.bedroom inside billboard house

Image via Design Develop
bathrooms in billboard house gregory project
Image via Design Develop
hallways in billboard house
Image via Design Develop

The Gregory Project hopes to inspire advertising agencies and architectural experts worldwide to work together, focusing on a common goal of evolving their cause. Businesses could work with the architects long-term to advertise themselves while also promoting social consciousness.

billboard house
Image via Design Develop
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