A Near Death Experience Couldn’t Stop Inky Johnson From Returning To The Field To Deliver This Inspiring Speech.

Inky Johnson being carted off field on stretcher at Vols football game

Football nearly cost Inquoris “Inky” Johnson his life back in September of 2006. A routine tackle along the sideline left Inky’s body completely limp. He ended up paralyzed in his right arm, never to play football again.


It’s devastating to hear your dreams are no longer possible. But how did Inky respond? He grew even stronger, embracing the mentality of a fighter. This mindset gave him a new dream–to inspire others to embrace the challenges of life.

Inky brings it home in this pre-game speech to the Vols, relating the challenges of football to our trials in life:

One day you’re gonna be removed from this game, and you’re gonna be somebody’s father, somebody’s husband. And if you quit on wind sprints; if you quit on 3rd and 2, imagine what you’re gonna do when life gets tough! When it gets real when your wife or daughter or son is looking to you for help.

Learn more about Inky’s story in this captivating 5 minute documentary:

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