Anyone Can Be A Hero With This Smartphone App…It’s How This Mechanic Saved The Life Of A One-Month-Old Baby Boy.

Jeff Olson saves a baby's life using EMT skills and a smartphone app-PulsePoint App

The PulsePoint mobile app is the newest groundbreaking technology that connects those who use it to any emergencies nearby. It’s giving new meaning to “first responders” and it’s already saving lives.

pulsepoint app saving lives with first responders, ordinary citizens

Image via Spokane City

Master technician Jeff Olson works at Perfection Tire in Spokane, Washington. A veteran EMT and volunteer EMT for the Deer Park Ambulance, Olson had the app and got a notification alert, akin to the sound phones make when there’s an Amber Alert, and he saw that this emergency was only two blocks away. He dropped everything and ran to the location of the emergency, a ballet shop, to find the human in need was in fact a one-month-old infant.

Store clerk Leslie Reckord heard a woman yelling that her baby was turning blue and she immediately called the ambulance.  Leslie was a former lifeguard so she tried rescue breathing on the baby, but to no avail. At the same time, Olson got the alert that CPR was needed. He beat the paramedics to the scene and started to perform CPR, even though he’d never done it on an infant before. Baby Nolan is the first life saved since the Spoken Fire Department teamed up with PulsePoint.

baby nolan was saved by jeff olson

Image via Youtube

This app is so incredibly useful and it’s all about being in the right place at the right time when it comes to saving a life. Olson inspires us to be everyday heroes and take care of our fellow human beings!

jeff olson saves baby nolan using pulsepoint and emt skills

Image via Youtube

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