This Guy Tied 90 Balloons To A Lawn Chair… What Happened Next Was Breathtaking!

BASE jumper Erik Roner is sponsored by Rockstar for a very good reason: he pushes the limits!  In this unique stunt (possibly inspired by the balloon-lifted house from Pixar’s Up), Roner uses 50 tanks of helium, 90 giant balloons, and an old lawn chair to get lifted up to 8,000 ft!



In the video, Roner’s commentary is classic…

Before takeoff, he says, “Who hasn’t thought about being lifted up by balloons into the sky?”

At 290 feet: “I’m doing it. This is crazy!”

1,628 feet: “You’ve got to be kidding me. This is ridiculous!”

2,590 feet: “Wow it really doesn’t get much more peaceful than this.”

Just past 3,300 feet, the first balloon pops: “That’s a popped balloon. They told me that it would be scary, and yes it is.”


At the end, Roner parachutes down to safety, ending with the comment “that was epic!” We have to agree.


So here’s our takeaway: 1. It’s probably not the best idea to try this.  But, 2. how cool is it to push the edge and go on an adventure?  With that in mind, when is the last time you adventured and experienced gut-stirring emotions like Roner?  Think about it, and if you feel all pumped-up then plan something soon!

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