9-Yr-Old With Cerebral Palsy Has Never Stood On Own, When National Anthem Comes On Mom Captures Viral Footage.

boy with cerebral palsy attempts to stand off of couch

Recent headlines about athletes refusing to stand for the national anthem have been overtaking the news. Opinions are flying every-which-way on the issue of patriotism but one little boy is touching hearts across the Internet over that very same topic.


Logan Wilson has spastic quad cerebral palsy which limits his mobility and speech. He needs the aid of medical equipment and has to crawl to get around the house but that didn’t stop 9-year-old Logan from trying to stand during the national anthem. His mother, Rebecca Wilson, recorded her son in the touching video that now has nearly 15 million views on Facebook.

“He always takes off his hat,” Rebecca said, “but until yesterday I never really saw him try to stand. He just knew that is what we do to show respect to our country and everyone who fights so hard for us.  He is truly just an amazing kid just doing what he loves.”

The video will bring tears to your eyes as Logan claps and tries to sing along to the Star-Spangled Banner.

“Even my 9 year old with CP (who can’t walk) knows you’re supposed to stand up during the national anthem,” said Wilson. “He loves it!”

Wilson said her Facebook caption on the video was a little dig at athletes who are refusing to stand for the anthem, but she says she respects anyone’s right to freedom of speech.

“In my opinion, I believe they are not only disrespecting their own country, a country that affords them the right to do what they did, but also disrespecting all the people who fight for this country,” she said. ” I do not disagree with their reasons for doing what they did, I disagree with the actions they took.”

No matter what your opinion is, this is an amazing and inspiring video!

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