9 Self-Care Tips To Help You Prepare For Election Day

Election Day is almost upon us, and for many, it will be one of the most stressful days of the year.

Chances are you’ll be experiencing some anxiety and fear on November 3, followed by either happiness or disappointment. Either way, you can take some simple steps to help your future self cope.

1. Plan your day out beforehand.

Emotional exhaustion is extremely common following an election, so it will save you energy to already know what you’re going to do that day. You can even plan both a good and bad day depending on the outcome.

2. Get chores and other tasks out of the way.

It feels nice to kick back and relax in a tidy home, so wash those dishes and fold that laundry! If you don’t want to worry about cooking or shopping, prep some meals so you’re all ready to go.

3. Set boundaries with friends and family.

If you can’t bear the thought of political arguments with your loved ones, tell them you need some space on or after Election Day. Let them know you still care for them, but that you also need to care for yourself.

4. Practice self-care.

Make time for meaningful activities that bring you joy. Go jogging, meditate, write down the things that make you grateful — or indulge in a warm bubble bath!

5. Have a list of distractions ready.

Write down your favorite movies, shows, podcasts, books, or games so you’ll have plenty of things to do if you need an escape.

6. Limit your news and social media intake — or take a break.

The constant barrage of election-related headlines and posts can get overwhelming and even upsetting. Give your mental health a break by skipping the updates for one day, or limit yourself to checking just once a day.

7. Embrace your emotions.

Whatever you’re feeling, express it! Bottling up your emotions will only make you hold onto them longer. Let yourself feel them so you can let them go.

8. Download mental health or meditation apps.

If you’re struggling and need support, mental health apps can help you feel better right at home. Try chatting with Woebot or boosting your mood with MoodMission. You can also find guided meditations tailored to how you’re feeling with Headspace.


9. Find online support groups.

Sometimes it’s more helpful to talk and relate to an actual person. The good news is you can join a supportive community with a click of the mouse! Give any of these 10 virtual groups a try.

No matter what Election Day brings, we can care for ourselves through it! Help others do the same by sharing these tips.

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