84-Yr-Old Acrobat Proves Age Is Just A Number With Jaw-Dropping “Up” Routine.

As the body ages, it becomes so frail that a simple fall can land you in the hospital needing surgery. It’s common for us to take it easier as we age – trading in high-impact physical activity for things like water aerobics or gentle yoga. Unless you’re 84-year-old Leon and 54-year-old Edson.

The duo have been wowing AGT judges and audiences with their unique acrobatic routines for weeks. That’s right, an 84-year-old is competing in a talent competition with an acrobatic act!


Leon and Edson, who came all the way from Brazil to compete, don’t need to do much to get the audience to root for them, but it certainly didn’t hurt that the duo walked on stage dressed up as the characters from the movie, “Up”. They had all of the judges smiling from ear to ear and the audience cheering, all before even beginning their act!

Once they started to perform, the cheers only got louder and smiles turned to looks of amazement. Edson continuously laid on the ground to provide support to Leon, who was doing complicated handstands and poses – in the air!


Leon showed the strength of someone decades younger than him (in fact, many people who are decades younger than him can’t even do what he does!).  Every time he’d go into a complicated pose, the audience and judges would almost wince with worry he’d fall and break a hip.


To everyone’s delight, Leon never faltered. He continued to pose perfectly – and even danced a little bit! He really knows how to work an audience!


Leon and Edson were given a standing ovation at the end of their epic routine. They had everyone in awe of them and their determination not to let age stop them from doing what they love!

Watch their amazing performance in the video below and be sure to share this inspiring story with your friends!

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