8 Famous People Who Overcame Homelessness.

It’s hard to imagine the life a person who has fame and a seemingly endless amount of funds. Even more than that, us “normal people” wish at one point or another that we could be in the same position, or have a similar life.


But it’s absolutely fascinating to discover that those celebrities came from a situation that is like ours. Even more so, some climbed the ladder from rock bottom; anywhere from poverty to homelessness.


These 8 rich and famous people have backgrounds that will totally inspire you when you realize that sometimes it takes challenges to bring us to the most successful places! Hard work, dedication and a plan for the future create endless opportunities, and that’s always an important thing to remember.

1. Halle Berry

  • via stardomreport.com


    You may consider model turn actress the first and only (to date) African-American woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress as being synonymous with fame, influence, wealth, and sex appeal. However, Halle Berry life hasn’t always been easy.


    With two failed marriages, a few bad relationships, and a suicide attempt, it seems like Halle has had her share of major misfortunes. But the list goes on… she also spent some time being homeless during the beginning of her acting career. However, Halle revealed during an interview that the experience actually made her stronger, teaching her how to live through any situation… even if that meant she had to spend a few nights in a public shelter.


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