8 Crazy Things You Probably Never Realized About Diamonds

Everyone loves diamonds, but what do we really know about them? Here are some facts about diamonds that might surprise you.

1. Diamonds were thought of as cures for the plague. There was once the belief that swallowing a diamond would ward off illness, and when plagues would start the lower classes felt the effects much more than the upper class. The logical conclusion: swallowing diamonds saved the rich.

2. One of the largest diamond heist in history was also one of the most careless. In an attempt to steal $65 million worth of diamonds while wearing prosthetics to hide their true faces the thieves left a cell phone in their getaway car. (Full Description and More Heists Here)

Blue Diamond Ring                 Mark S/ flickr

3. A single carat is 200 milligrams. That means a 5-carat diamond is roughly the same weight as a single skittle.

4. Out of 1000 diamonds, only 1 will weigh over a carat after polishing.

5. Diamonds are excellent at conducting heat. In fact, they are used in many electronic devices in order to cool them down. We don’t suggest breaking your computer in search of a diamond though

6. For engagement rings the average weight of a diamond is 1.18 carats, according to Wedding Report. Of course you could always opt for a larger carat if you forgo the diamond.

Candy Diamond Ring                     Ruthy/ flickr

7.  The Swiss Luxury Watch Maker Hublot took over 14 months to fully create “The $5 Million.” Hublot created a diamond encrusted watch, “The $5 Million,” using a total of 1282 diamonds. It better come with its own body guard… Although after a cool $5 million, we’d bet the purchaser could afford his or her own army. Beyonce got one for Jay-Z so you’ll be in good company.

Extremely Expensive Diamond Encrusted WatchLuxorium Luxury/flickr

8.  The diamond engagement ring was popularized only in recent history. While the first engagement rings with diamonds extended back into the 1400s, their popularity was really founded after the Great Depression of the 1930s by the diamond manufacturer De Beers with the ever-popular saying “Diamonds Are Forever.”


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