7 Ways To Cope With Losing Your Normal Routine

The novel coronavirus pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Adjusting to this new reality hasn’t been easy, especially since many people are grieving the loss of their jobs and the freedom to go about their everyday lives.

As creatures of habit, we thrive on forming normal schedules. So having them taken away can be especially upsetting. But even as we long for the people, places, and things we miss most, we can help ourselves through it! Here are seven simple ways to cope with losing your routine.

1. Set a new schedule.

Things are different now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a sense of normalcy! Start incorporating a few enjoyable activities into your day, whether it’s exercising, journaling, or listening to a podcast. This will keep you busy and give you something to look forward to.

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2. Cut back on your news intake.

While it’s important to stay informed, reading about COVID-19 nonstop will only make you more anxious. Make it a point to focus on something else for a while, and limit yourself to checking updates once per day.

3. Keep in touch with your loved ones.

Use technology to your advantage and chat it up with friends and family from afar! Call, text, or video chat — it doesn’t matter as long as you keep your support system close.

4. Lose yourself in a creative pursuit.

Getting creative is a great escape — plus, it’s fun! Get those juices flowing by baking, drawing, or even writing a story about your quarantine experience. Whatever you do, make sure it brings you joy.

5. Think back to other hard situations and how you coped with them.

What helped you power through that struggle? Hone in on your inner strength and harness it again. You are so capable!

6. Focus on the bigger picture.

In the wise words of an anonymous author, “So far, you’ve survived 100 percent of your worst days. This too shall pass.”

7. Let yourself feel.

It’s OK to cry! We’re all on a roller coaster of emotions right now and the best way to release some of the tension is to experience and express each feeling as it comes.

We can’t control when life will go back to normal, but we can learn to embrace the unknown. Remember, this won’t last forever. We will get through it!

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