640 Pound Teenager Courageously Sings For The World.

Life as a teenager is tough, but when you’re the heaviest teen in America life can be a whole lot tougher.

Justin Williamson spent most of his life being afraid of what others thought of his appearance. It was an incredibly lonely and depressing time for Justin, but his passion for music couldn’t be quenched.  The moment Justin decided to sing in front of others, things began to change for him in the best way.

“When I sing, others can relate to me through the music, not only by what they see”

He realized that his gift was much too beautiful to be kept hidden, and now has an awesome goal in mind. Justin wants to be healthy enough to make it to broadway and live a full, healthy life.  “My dream is to be a broadway actor, I just don’t want to die with music still inside of me”

Justin’s story is far from over. We can’t wait to see what this kid accomplishes!

Watch below and think about what dreams you want to achieve.

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