Couple Of 63 Years Takes Adorable Anniversary Photos, Their Young Love Will Make You Smile Ear To Ear.

couple takes 63 yr anniversary photos

For as long as she can remember, wedding photographer Shayln Nelson had admired her grandparents’ long, loving, and beautiful marriage. So when they were about to celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary she knew she wanted to encapsulate their relationship forever with a photoshoot.

“No marriage is perfect, and my grandparents will be the first to tell you that,” Nelson told The Huffington Post. “But they never gave up. They never let their vows down. Ever.” And that mutual adoration and commitment is so clearly captured in her images. The love birds still have the sparkle of newlyweds in their eyes.

Love, The Nelsons

“This man means the world to me,” Shayln wrote on Instagram. “So when I saw that BuzzFeed featured my grandparents on their blog, my heart swelled. The timing could not be more perfect.”

Love, The Nelsons

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But Shayln isn’t the only one who loved the experience. “After all was said and done, Mamaw looked at me and said, ‘Well, that sure was special,’ and gave me a big hug,” Nelson said. “My Papaw brought his little point-and-shoot camera and took photos of me and my friends who helped bring the shoot to life.”

Love, The Nelsons

“My mom tells me all the time how much that day meant to my grandparents. They talk about it all the time.”

Love, The Nelsons

When Shayln looks at her grandparent’s relationship she sees hope for the future. “My husband constantly reminds me that we will be old and gray, like them, walking hand in hand,” she told HuffPost. “I pray for that every single day. Even now, watching my Mamaw sit by his side with his hospital visits these past few months. It just puts life and love into perspective for me even more than it did before.”

Love, The Nelsons

These two are a wonderful example to us all of what it means to truly love. By staying committed to one another they were able to make their marriage survive the test of time.

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