6 Year Old Starts Campaign To Bring Joy To Hospitalized Children For His Birthday

kobin contreras with books that will be donated to children in the hospital

6-year-old Austin native Kobin Contreras was born with club foot, a deformity that rotates one or both feet internally at the ankle. He’s already gone through four surgeries at his young age, but, despite the immense pain, he is always able to smile and remain calm thanks to the stickers he received from hospital staff.  When the nurses revealed that the hospital was running out of these stickers, Kobin grew concerned. He wanted other kids who were in pain to have the chance to receive the very same stickers that made him smile and that took the pain away, so he decided to do something about it.


birthday package donation for kids in the hospital
Image via Kobin’s Birthday Wish Facebook
kobin and stickers
Image via Kobin’s Birthday Wish Facebook

The motors in his brain started churning and he decided to dedicate his next birthday, in October, to hospitalized children. All he wanted for his birthday was for people to donate toys, stickers and anything else to cheer up children at his hospital. Well, his expectations have been shattered! Up to this point, Kobin’s campaign has received over 2,400 sheets of stickers, 226 activity books, 748 books, and 154 boxes of band-aids.

The local police department stopped by and donated some awesome police badge stickers

kobin and the donated stickers from police department
Image via Kobin’s Birthday Wish Facebook

Boxes of band-aids, check!

kobin and bandaids
Image via Kobin C. Twitter

The family has put together a GoFundMe page for Kobin’s birthday wish, as well as a Facebook page, a Twitter, and an official website. Seems like they’ve covered the bases! We hope people continue to help Kobin with his simple birthday wish to bring joy to other kids.

Kobin and his big brother Kaz who helps him count all the donations

kobin and his brother
Image via Kobin C. Twitter

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