57-Girl-Choir Lines Up In 4 Rows, Their Unique Irish Music Routine Amazes The Judges.

On a very special episode of Britain’s Got Talent, an unique musical performance brightened the stage. Consisting of 57 girls, the Presentation School Choir immediately caught the attention of the judges, especially Simon. And they did not fail to live up to the judges’ expectations!

The group is based in the medieval city of Kilkenny in South Ireland, and their style derives from classic Welsh music. Every aspect of their presentation is charming– from their plaid kilt skirts to their tight buns and ties. With a flick of her wrist, their director begins leading the music and the girls into a wonderfully gentile introduction, including some intriguing hand motions. As the music picks up, more and more voices join in creating a strong sound, resonating through the auditorium.

It’s stunning.

Between their perfect harmony and some mesmerizing choreography (you’ll have to see it to understand), everyone in the room was blown away. Even before the performance ends, the audience is cheering the choir on with praise. Afterwards, the girls received a coveted standing ovation!

The positive reception from the crowd had a few of the girls quite emotional, but their genuine reactions are beautiful to watch. Check out the Presentation School Choir’s performance in the video below.

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