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5 Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Want To Say “I Do”

These displays of love and originality are sure to knock your socks off.

1. The Rolling Car Proposal

Includes: a marching band, Skype, lip syncing and awesome group dancing.


2. The ‘Everlasting Love’ Proposal

[it’s a bit blurry but totally worth the 14 minutes and 27 seconds]


3. The Parachute Down To A Football Field Proposal

A sky high performance…


4. The Peter Pan Proposal

Wendy is one lucky lady.


5. The Most Thoughtful, Creative, And Eclectic Proposal 

The video starts off with Justin (the proposer) asking Emily (the proposee) to meet him at the restaurant where they had their first date.


He goes on to explain to Emily that he intends to propose. But first he needs to find the right way to do it..


Justin starts his search for the perfect proposal by going on a radio show.


After that attempt fails, a series of amazingly executed music videos follows, the first of which is a remake of an ‘N SYNC classic..


Second, we get a little taste of Boyz II Men with a fantastic version of ‘I’ll Make Love To You’


And third is a hilarious rendition of Mama Mia’s ‘Dancing Queen.’ Justin–you’d look great with a perm.


For his 4th platform of possible proposals, Justin organized a flash mob..


The entertainment continues with a thrilling Mission Impossible-esque chase scene.


And finally, the proposal–which Justin made sure both of their family’s were there to see.


If you want to watch the entirety of this vivacious proposal, voila! [highly recommended]

Bonus: Justin & Emily’s Wedding Trailer


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