Journalist Asks 5 Kids What It Means To Be Kind With Powerful Results.

They say some of life’s greatest wisdom comes “out of the mouths of babes.”

Children have a unique way of looking at the world, one that is frequently untarnished by life’s disappointments and challenges. One group of journalists tried to capture their insight and share their thoughts through their YouTube series, “Kinder. A hopeful idea.”


Joan Steffend, an Emmy Award-winning TV news host and producer, teamed up with producer Donna Roman and director Joe Brandmeier to explore a crucial concept. They recorded short interviews that feature young boys and girls responding to these simple questions: What is kindness? What does kindness look like in the world? How can kindness spread?

As you’d expect, the resulting videos are adorable. How can they not be when they show off such sweet children? But mixed with the cuteness are powerful insights into what it means to be kind in the here and now.

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Here are a few of our favorite takeaways:

1. Aedyn


“If somebody like dropped something, you can pick it up for them,” he says when asked what kindness looks like. “That’s being a good friend.”

Kindness is also what helped him make every friend he has in school. The experience is like turning on a lamp in the darkness: When you’re nice, other people find their way to you.

See more of Aedyn’s interview here.

2. Parham

“Kindness is like, you share your toys, and you don’t be grumpy,” the kindergartner says earnestly. He then shares a truth we wish more people understood: “Sometimes when you’re having a tough time when somebody wasn’t kind to you, you can be kind to them, which would make them calm down.”

Yes, Parham! Kindness is infectious. Showing compassion to those who are mean to us is an amazing way to spread love instead of hate.

But perhaps the most striking remark from this smart little guy comes in response to the question, “Do you think the world is kind?” Parham acknowledges there are bad people out there, but he adds, “There’s more good people than we think there are.” This from someone small enough to swing his legs on a chair without his feet touching the ground!

3. Finley


Finley’s philosophy is simple: If someone is sad or being ignored by others, go talk to them! She believes spreading goodness is simple, and it’s easy for us to agree when we hear her imagining kindness as a big pink heart that grows to include everyone.

See more of Finley’s interview here.

4. La’mariya & Chance

La’mariya’s wisdom goes far beyond her years: “I would tell everybody in the whole universe that you don’t have to change who you are,” she said. “Your beauty is you, and the beauty that you have in you is just perfect for who you are.”

5. Truman


Truman has already learned being kind is all about accepting yourself and others, but he also knows it’s not easy to change the world. “It’s really hard to kind of hit the jackpot of kindness,” he said. “I would feel really grateful if I helped somebody at least get up and find their spot in life.”

See more of Truman’s interview here.

Wow! If everyone adopted that goal, so many touching acts of kindness would follow!


Children can teach us so much when we take the time to listen. This YouTube channel is a wonderful way to remind the world that kids are our most valuable resource. If we nurture their wisdom and honor their innate knowledge, we will help create the next generation of considerate adults!

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