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Girl Texts Mom About “$5 Footlong”— Mom Dies Laughing When She Learns It’s Not Subway.

A Dallas, Texas, woman named Kelsey Johnstone decided it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission and ended up pulling off the most hysterical scam on her poor mom.

Kelsey had been looking for quite a while to adopt a dog, so she started browsing some animal adoption sites to check out the possibilities. This was on Labor Day, and as it turned out, the Dallas Animal Shelter was having a week-long Labor Day sale:

5 deal sign

The “sale” was only good for another few days, so Kelsey had to head right over and check it out!

Of course, if there’s even a remote possibility you might come home from the shelter with a dog, and you’re still living with your parents, it’s best to ask for permission first. Which Kelsey did (technically), but she didn’t want to bog her dear mom down with a bunch of specifics. Besides, if Mom thought she was talking about Subway, that was on her, not Kelsey…


Kelsey fell in love with Bentley the moment she laid eyes on him. And can you blame her? Yeah, her mom would be mad at first, but she’d get over it.

kelsey welcome home

Poor Mom. Of course she was upset when she realized she’d been conned. But her anger was tempered somewhat when she realized what an incredible bargain they got: He came with a free vet checkup, free medication and a free collar, as well as some coupons so his new mom could stock up on Bentley snacks.

Plus, it’s really hard to be mad at that face:


“My mom’s first words she said to me after she came out of shock were… ‘I can’t be mad because he is so cute. But I’m not walking him,'” said Kelsey. Fair enough!


And he’s already formed a fast friendship with the other dog in residence, a German shepherd named Oliver!

bentley and oliver

“I cannot wait to take him to new parks and make so many memories with him!” said Kelsey. She couldn’t help but brag about her clever scheme in on Twitter where the story has gone viral.

kelsey johnstone tweet


Once word of this little act of subterfuge spread, others tried to pull off the same thing. But this parent must’ve already heard about the Bentley incident.

footlong twitter comment

Kelsey really only had once chance to get this right, and fortunately for everybody, she pulled it off perfectly!

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