Pregnant Mom Goes To Hospital, But Son Has Cutest Argument For Her To Come Home.

Eight or nine years from now, young Bryce Wilson will hit the beginning of those surly adolescent years when boys and girls start breaking away from the family unit. So his parents will want to keep this clip on hand, just to remind him of a time when he really, really needed his mama.

In the video, four-year-old Bryce is hanging out bedside with his mom, who’s in the hospital getting ready to give birth to his sister. But her little man is pretty miffed about the whole thing, insisting that she should be home where she belongs. The doctors can just take his sister out later.

“We need you ‘cause we need our momma,” he implores.


She tries to reason with him, to no avail: “But you got your daddy and your brothers.”

“I don’t need no brothers. I don’t need no brothers and no dads. I need you.”


This adorable video’s been viewed more than 8.5 million times since it was posted on October 16 and commenters are going completely gaga:

Literally the best video I’ve ever seen. Such genuine love and warmth and innocence. Thank you for sharing a piece of your joy with us. It has brought joy and happiness to us all,” one viewer commented.

He’s a sweetheart and a handsome little guy love this video,” wrote another.

“Awww Thank you!!!” replied the mother. “And you are welcome. He truly amazes me with the things he say and do I’m truly blessed to be his Mommy! And I want to share his love and BIG personality with the world. He is so special to me!


That’s a V for “Victory.” This sweet boy finally got his mama back (and a baby sister).

Watch this too-cute clip below, and share if you agree no matter what age you are, you’ll always need your mama!

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